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Using and Adjusting Your Monitor – HP W2408

I have a HP W2408 monitor and have loved it.  Lately white does not seem white and I have my eyes on this New 30″ Monitor.  Searching around, I found out the W2408 has 400 cd/ma brightness.  It is not as bright as I need it to be and the white is not bright white at all anymore.

I found this great page at HP.com that is very detailed on how to use and adjust the HP W2408 monitor for accurate reproduction of color and balance.

I found this great resource on how to calibrate your HP W2408 Monitor.  It goes into depth on exactly what to do to dial the monitor in perfectly.  The article at HP is here.

Looking at new monitors:

The new HP ZR24W looks really nice.  It has a S-IPS LCD panel that is a big improvement over the older TN LCD panel technology on the W2408.


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