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HP MediaSmart Server Disassembly Instructions EX-485 EX-490

I was searching how to replace the power supply in my HP mediasmart server EX-485. I found this site with all the details to totally disassemble a HP EX-490 server and the HP EX-485 is the same.
Link to great article on how to disassemble HP Media Smart Server EX-490

My HP MediaSmart Server EX-485 has been working great for many years when it failed to boot up. It would just start to boot and power off. I just got the new power supply from England seller is only on eBay. I sure hope it fixes the server. I think the MediaSmart Server makes a great NAS or Network Attached Storage unit. I can see it with my Mac and Windows machines. Time machine no longer works with the new version of Mac OS so I just back it up manually periodically.


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