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HP MediaSmart Server Help Install Connector Server Not Found

HP Media Smart Server Connector Installation problem.  Server not found. I found this great resource that helped me get the HP MediaSmart Server Connector installed after hours of frustration. social.microsoft.com One problem was that Logitech Webcam installed something that prevented the install.  Some people uninstalled the Logitech device in uninstall programs.  Others changed the registry and it solved it for them.

Additional Links to help topics

HP Media Smart Server support site









http://www.wegotserved.com/ Great resource for Windows Home Servers suggested by Charles Traupmann on Google Plus

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If you’re looking to buy a HP MediaSmart Server, Check this link to see what’s available today mediasmart

If you’re looking to upgrade the storage capacity of your HP Media Smart Server, I recommend the Segate Barracuda Hard Disc Drive. The prices change all the time, so click the picture to see what the Best price is on the SEgate Barracuda drive is today.



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