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How to recover data after server failure It is easy

How to get files off of server hard drive after the server fails. My HP Media Smart Home SErver died and when I went to get the files off the hard drive, it said the files were locked and I did not have access to them. Fortunately there is a forum over at MediaSmartServer.netthat will answer your questions about servers and help you with any of your problems. It is an awesome resource. So I asked about my issue and within 24 hours I had a reply.
The answer is over on a Microsoft forum. Sometime the links break at the Microsoft forum so I will copy the answer here in case the link is broken.

Source: Here is where I asked my question and it was answered
Here is where the answer is for how to get files off a Server Hard drive out of a server.

Here is the answer in case the link is broken.

How to recover files from a server disk

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