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Get Mac ready to sell

81+D8ojrymL._SL1500_Get your Apple Macbook laptop ready to sell by backing up all your files then erasing al your data before delivering to the new owner.
It’s important to wipe your hard drive before you sell your computer. This will help prevent someone from getting your passwords and personal information.
First and most important is to back up your computer. If you are using time machine that seems to work for most people but I wanted another copy of all the files on a portable drive that will be around forever. The time machine back up may eventually be deleted to make room for other backups.
For Mac’s I prefer the Western Digital external hard drives that are formatted for Macs at the factory. This way you can just drag and drop you files.
I used the big external drive WD My Book Studio USB 3.0 4TB Desktop Storage for Mac with Metal Enclosure
but the little portable drives are very handy.
I wanted to share a couple sites that helped me with getting my Macbook ready to sell.

PRepare your Mac for sale at The safe Mac
How to clean install your new Yosemite operating system – at OSXdaily site
How to erase and clean install Mountain Lion – Apple Support link

I followed the process of backing up all my data to the Western Digital hard drive.
Then I followed the instructions for erasing and reinstalling my operating system.
Then I sold the Macbook Pro laptop on Craigs list and I have another one for sale on eBay.
Just be sure you get all your data, pictures files favorites etc.
After you back up everything you can transfer everything to the new computer before you erase everything. I suggest doing this also that way you have all the data on the new computer plus you have a backup just in case.
If you have any questions just leave a comment below. Good luck happy computing

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Free html editor for mac

I needed a free HTML editor for my MacBook Pro and found TextWrangler available in the app store.
It was frustrating because Apple’s simple text editor software does not save html files correctly like Windows notepad. I also found that Notepad+++ was not available for Mac.

Using Dreamweaver takes too long to open for simple HTML edits, so using a simple text editor saves time when writing HTML code or doing simple HTML edit.

Each time I research something and find a really good solution, I add a post here at http://AskClayFranklin.com so I can find the same excellent answer again if I need it.

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Clone Word Press Site Free with WP Duplicator

Image of WordPress Duplicator Free Plugin

WordPress Duplicator Free Plugin

I need to move a word press site to new hosting and do not want to pay for a paid product like WPTwin.
Tonight I found Word Press Duplicator plug in for free that will back up your Word Press site and database for free. You can find it on WordPress.org here Word Press Duplicator

I found this on a Google Plus Community.  Follow me on Google plus because it is fun.


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How to recover data after server failure It is easy

How to get files off of server hard drive after the server fails. My HP Media Smart Home SErver died and when I went to get the files off the hard drive, it said the files were locked and I did not have access to them. Fortunately there is a forum over at MediaSmartServer.netthat will answer your questions about servers and help you with any of your problems. It is an awesome resource. So I asked about my issue and within 24 hours I had a reply.
The answer is over on a Microsoft forum. Sometime the links break at the Microsoft forum so I will copy the answer here in case the link is broken.

Source: Here is where I asked my question and it was answered
Here is where the answer is for how to get files off a Server Hard drive out of a server.

Here is the answer in case the link is broken.

How to recover files from a server disk

Home Servers at Amazon

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I was so frustrated so I typed in search “How to share files between Windows 7 and Mac” I found the great video that explains it perfectly and it worked great. I am copying some files off a USB HDD drive attached to my Macbook Pro over to my Windows 7 laptop. Basically I am backing up pictures from a hard drive that is out of my HP MediaSmart server that will not boot.

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If you ahve a technology problem you need a solution for leave a comment and I will see if I can find a solution for you and post it here.
You may also enjoy my other site What Laptop Should I Buy? Laptop Comparisons where I share technology information to help you decide if to buy now or wait and which laptop is best for you based on your needs and budget.

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Using and Adjusting Your Monitor – HP W2408

I have a HP W2408 monitor and have loved it.  Lately white does not seem white and I have my eyes on this New 30″ Monitor.  Searching around, I found out the W2408 has 400 cd/ma brightness.  It is not as bright as I need it to be and the white is not bright white at all anymore.

I found this great page at HP.com that is very detailed on how to use and adjust the HP W2408 monitor for accurate reproduction of color and balance.

I found this great resource on how to calibrate your HP W2408 Monitor.  It goes into depth on exactly what to do to dial the monitor in perfectly.  The article at HP is here.

Looking at new monitors:

The new HP ZR24W looks really nice.  It has a S-IPS LCD panel that is a big improvement over the older TN LCD panel technology on the W2408.


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HP MediaSmart Server Resources for Will Not Boot EX-485

HP Media Smart Server EX-485

HP Media Smart Server EX-485 at AskClayFranklin.com

I love my HP EX-485 Media Smart Server. It recently died. I determined it was the power supply and bought a new one on eBay for $79, installed it and it fixed the restart problem. I wrote an article about how to replace the power supply on the EX-485 MediaSmart Server in a blog post. It completely booted up once. Then it would get one blue light, network light off, and flashing blue light for health. It is really bugging me. I bought a SATA Hard Drive External USB Box and performed a defrag on the main 750GB drive.
Now it will get 2 blue lights and one blinking health light. I’ve been doing a lot of research and wanted to document my findings here with these links to reources.
Using Server Recovery and Factory Reset
HP MediaSmart Server Software Update Settings
Health Indicator Codes
Path to WHSConnectorInstall.exe on EX490

Next I will try server reset again since the network light has stayed on since the defrag on the main drive.

Then I will double check the backplane is seated in the socket on the motherboard.

Then I will defrag the other 2 drives in the server.

If all else fails, I will buy the kvm adapter for the server or take it in to get it checked out.
The lithium battery is suspect sine it is so old, but I’m not sure if that would cause no boot.  CPU’s rarely fail and memory rarely fail so not sure what is happening to prevent boot up.  It sure is frustrating.  I’ll keep posting my findings here so hopefully the research and finding will help others with the same issues.  I could always order a new or  used one but fixing the old one has become a challenge.

Update: 03/13/2013: This is very frustrating.  I am finally getting around to running checkdisk (using a Windows XP machine) for the  the system drive on the main 759GB hard drive today.  I realized I only ran checkdisk on the main data drive last time.  I found this helpful article on how to easily run check disk CHKDSK in a windows without using a command prompt.   Here is the link to the article I found that makes it really easy. How to run CHKDSK in Windows XP.

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HP MediaSmart Server Disassembly Instructions EX-485 EX-490

I was searching how to replace the power supply in my HP mediasmart server EX-485. I found this site with all the details to totally disassemble a HP EX-490 server and the HP EX-485 is the same.
Link to great article on how to disassemble HP Media Smart Server EX-490

My HP MediaSmart Server EX-485 has been working great for many years when it failed to boot up. It would just start to boot and power off. I just got the new power supply from England seller is only on eBay. I sure hope it fixes the server. I think the MediaSmart Server makes a great NAS or Network Attached Storage unit. I can see it with my Mac and Windows machines. Time machine no longer works with the new version of Mac OS so I just back it up manually periodically.


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Easy How to Fix Macbook Pro Trackpad Click Not Working

Super Easy way to fix your MacbookPro Trackpad when the Click is Not Working or Click and Drag Not Working.
Warning: do not follow the instructions in this video. Who wants to take their computer apart when all you have to do to fix your MacbookPro Trackpad not working is to push down on the Trackpad hard evenly across the whole surface. I was amazed! I Pushed down with pressure on the trackpad across the whole surface at the same time a few times and held it for about 7 seconds. I am not an expert and this is not expert advice, it is just information on how to fix your Macbook Pro Trackpad when it does not click. I found this MacbookPro trackpad click fix trick in the comments to this video that shows how to fix it by taking your computer apart. Leave me a comment and let me know if it worked for you.

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How to add “Social Community Features” to your wordpress blog.  I am setting up a site for my High School Class.  We want to be able to add before and after pictures. User Profiles, a place to add students we are still looking for and a in memory of page.

Buddy Press is a very powerful WordPress theme that allows many of these features.  It does have some drawbacks, like moderating who registers.

WP Member Champ is a membership wordpress plug in that gives you control of who gets to see protected areas of the site.  It is easy to use, yet does not have all the features I need.

I found a few sites with discussions about creating social sites with wordpress.


Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

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